December 23, 2009

Maile - In Memoriam

Maile had an amazing 13 years (83 in dog years). She traveled to more states and more countries than most people do in their lives 6 times longer. She has climbed many mountains, drank from many streams, and enjoyed many incredible experiences. How many dogs do you know who are featured in published books and have their own webpages?

At the top of 12,600 ft San Francisco Peaks, AZ

Fall colors in the Apennines, Italy

We are happy that we took her with us on one last hurry with our trailer and she was able to enjoy the good life in Utah and Arizona one last time.

The top of "Maile's Nipple", Big Water, UT

We often joked that no matter how many times we moved and traveled, she always found a way back to Sequim. So much so that she basically acted completely normal and not surprised when we'd come back. She would always immediately take her place in the dog bed next to the couch as if she never left.

Alpi Apuane, Italy

So it was, as we returned by air from Phoenix and that we brought her home one last time and to her final resting place.

Ruby Beach, WA

My mom once said she is a "once in a lifetime dog". He obedience, sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, and love was so amazing that we took it for granted. We will most definitely miss her, but we feel happy to have given her the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Bethel Ridge, WA

Below are some images from her amazing life.

Abruzzi Mountains, Italy

Catalonia, Spain

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah

Sierra Estrella, Arizona

Marina di Pisa, Italy

Mount Etna, Sicily

Tavignano Canyon, Corsica

Hadrian's Villa, Italy