February 3, 2010

Dispersing in the Western Sonoran near Tonopah

We had originally planned on camping out near the Eagletail Wilderness, a special place full of petroglyphs and beautiful desert canyons. But, the road was washed out by the recent floods. That began a major adventure of backing up for a mile on the dirt road (no turn around spots available with trailer), driving 30 miles on the freeway to find an alternative access point, only to decide that was not a good option either, and then returning the way we came.

Eventually, we decided to disperse camp on BLM land near Saddle Mountain a few miles from Tonopah. It ended up being a nice place to stay and offered this beautiful sunset over the Eagletail Mountains in the distance.

This location also provided the opportunity to wander across the desert mountains and into some remote washes, without trails, crowds, or evidence of people or cows.

It'll write up the 5.5 mile loop hike through Saddle Mountain (yes through...) on the Hikemaster's Trail site. But, we had an enjoyable time and Linda felt much better about being unable to visit the Eagletails this time around.

Later we headed to Gila Bend, AZ to stay at an RV park to recharge our batteries (low) and that offered WiFi (I had meetings to attend and Linda had some things she wanted to work on). Unfortunately, they were basically sold out except one spot. We took it, only to find out that the WiFi does not work through the concrete building that is between us and the router....

Check out this little friend who decided to visit us!
We came across this kit fox den out on the bajada. They are so tiny and so cute. It ran into the burrow before I could snap a picture of it. There were about 6 or so holes around this one spot.

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