May 26, 2010

Colorado National Monument, Colorado

Seems like a fairly redundant name, doesn't it? We hadn't even heard of the place until we arrived in Grand Junction. The Colorado National Monument is located at the northeastern edge of the canyon country just about 20 miles west of Grand Junction. We'd seen this landscape from Grand Mesa and decided to head over and check it out.

It certainly is a beautiful place. But, coming from Big Water, UT in the heart of the Colorado Plateau as we were, it felt a little redundant to us as well. We'd come to Colorado to see the mighty Rockies, not more sandstone cliffs.

So, we pretty much zoomed through the place as a day trip. We probably did not give the place the attention it deserved. But, we also were laid off by our employer and was trying to find out if they were going to bring us back. So, we ended up spending two fruitless days in Grand Junction on the cell phone trying to get word of what was happening. So, we were a bit distracted to truly enjoy this spectacular place.

Maybe we'll go back someday and soak it in the way it deserves.

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