December 30, 2010

Snow in the Sonoran Desert? This is crazy!

On December 28th, we went up to Sedona to look at some possible houses to rent. It was a beautiful sunny day around 60 degrees and we enjoyed touring the town. There was absolutely no indication that the biggest winter storm to hit Arizona in 3 years was bearing down on us. But, I'd been on and seen the forecast. The warnings were dire. Heavy snow and winds were coming in Wednesday, with up to 2 feet possible in Flagstaff and heavy rains expected in Phoenix. I realized it was time to evacuate.

A view of the city park in Sedona before the storm (60 degrees)

So, on Wednesday morning, we quickly packed up our trailer in Camp Verde, just as the rain started and successfully out-raced the storm to Usery Mountain County Peark near Phoenix. We were able to set up the trailer and about 1 hour later, the rains began there. Those rains did not let up until Thursday morning (about 1" fell) and temperatures dropped into the low 40's on the desert floor.

The storm is breaking on Thursday morning

By Thursday afternoon, the sun came out amongst cloudy skies, but so did the winds. The temperatures dropped quickly again and then when I looked over my shoulder, I saw a huge squall bearing down.

10 minutes later, the snow began to fall.
SNOW in the Sonoran Desert?

Hilina thought it was hilarious.
She kept saying "I've never heard of snow in the desert before"

Wouldn't want to be in Flagstaff at 7,000 feet right now where there is a blizzard, 2 feet of snow, and the temperature is 10 degrees right now. It was good we evacuated Sedona as well at 5,000 feet. While getting snow while in a house would be fine, we've learned through experience that cold and trailers don't mix.

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