February 22, 2011

The Unknown Gems of Europe

When most people think about visiting Europe, they think of the famous places of cultural history like Rome, Florence, Paris, or London. Many people visit the alpine villages of Switzerland or the rolling vineyards of Tuscany. But, Europe really contains some outstanding out-of-the-way locations where tourists rarely go and where the everyday rural life of great food, fine wine, and a relaxed atmosphere can be taken in.

Europe also contains some amazing archaeological, cultural, ecological, and geological features that simply can not be missed, if you have the time and sense for adventure to get there.

This blog will explore these hidden unknown gems of Europe. From the Cliffs of Barbate in Spain, to the Niaux cave paintings in France. From the moors of Yorkshire Dales to the limestone cliffs of the Schwabische Alb in Germany. From the neolithic ruins of Malta to the alpine meadows of Liechtenstein, this website will explore all of the Europe most Americans never get to see.

And, for those of you worried about going off the beaten track, let me assure you...Americans are welcome everywhere. The local folks, whether they be the waiters or shop owners or hotel staff and B&B owners have welcomed us with open arms and were so happy to see us come to and taken in their sites.

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