November 15, 2013

Wolfman Panel, Butler Wash Road, Bluff, UT

The Wolfman Panel is a series of petroglyphs located just 1 mile up Butler Wash Road neat Bluff, UT. It is easy to reach and find and represents an outstanding display of ancient Puebloan rock art. In addition, you can also see an old cliffside ruin on the far side of the deeply carved canyon of Butler Wash.

To access the site, head 4 miles west of Bluff, UT on US-191. Butler Wash Road is not signed on the highway, but there is a sign on the fence crossing this well-maintained dirt road at the top of the slope just before the highway descends steeply down to cross the Butler Wash ravine. Upon reaching the road, pass through the unlocked fence and drive 1 mile.

The turnoff for the Wolfman panel is located on a small dirt track on the nearside of a fence. There is a BLM sign with information on the farside the same fence. Drive down this track about 300 feet to a parking area. The trail follows an old track dug into the slickrock. 

Wavey layers of Navajo sandstone indicate these are fossilized sand dunes

Just continue until reaching the edge of the ravine and then look for cairns marking the route down into the canyon. As you descend, you will see the old ruins against the cliff face on the far side. It's less than 1/2 mile to the site.

The route will pass a small alcove with some smoke scars on its roof and some leftover abode foundations. Just beyond that are the petroglyphs.

In addition to the wolfman himself, there is also a sandhill crane with wings extended, some other animals and humanoid characters, some "alien" looking creatures, and something that looks like a tree planted in a pot, although it might be some corn?

Return the way you came and enjoy the view across the Navajo sandstone slickrock in this beautiful area of Southern Utah.

The Abajo Mountains can be seen in the distance

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