November 8, 2009

Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Verde Valley, AZ

As we have completed our first week at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in the Verde Valley, I wanted to share some photos on the trails around the park. The park sits on the Verde River and is said to have the largest bottomland riparian forest left along the river due to a drop in the water table associated with irrigation withdrawls for Phoenix and the rest of Arizona.

The weather has been absolutely wonderful with upper 70's all week and mostly sunny.

Hilina is a big fan of when we do campfires. She always asks for "Ma-ma-lo" when that time comes and we dance around the fire with her drum. She also knows not to get near the fire. When we suggest she touch the fire she always answers "no no no keedz dont play wi fiah"

Granddaddy Cottonwood

The edge of the bottomland forest where the mesquite end and the cottonwoods begin

The Verde River at Sunset

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