November 16, 2009

Sonoran Desert at last

A few days ago, the first rainstorm we'd seen since we started this adventure 2 months ago rolled through the area. After the rains passed and the sun returned, the temperatures dropped dramatically. Last night the temperature dropped to less than 25 degrees F at night.

While the trailer has a heater, it still felt chilly inside and our motivation to go outside was greatly diminished. Thus, we decided to head south to the northern edge of the Valley of the Sun. We are staying at Cave Creek Regional Park in the Sonoran Desert.

Warmth awaited us as it was over 70 degrees when we arrived with lows only expected to be in the 50's at night. Hilina was also extremely excited to see the "cactus trees". She is a major fan of cactus in general, so to see these giants really got her going.

We'll be spending the next few days here at Cave Creek as we prepared for our flight back to Seattle next Tuesday. We'll spend the next 6 weeks in Sequim for the holidays, visiting family and so forth, but the blog will keep going.

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