August 13, 2010

Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, Massaschusetts

The Boston Harbor Islands are a series of islands operated by a combination of the National Park Service and Massachusetts State Parks. These islands represent an easy way to get away from the hubub of the urban core to the quiet relaxing environment just off shore.

One day, while Linda was taking a DODEA course at Tuft's University, I took the ferry from downtown Boston to the Boston Harbor Islands.

Inner Harbor

The ferry travels under the flightline of Logan Airport on its way out.
The ferry first arrived at Georges Island, which contains the 19th century Fort Warren. It was built to protect the harbor from invasion following the War of 1812.

From there, I jumped on a tiny little boat to head over to Peddocks Island

On the way out there, I saw the Outer Brewster Islands that protect the mouth of the harbor.

On Peddocks Island, I basically had enough time to do a hike around the small island before the boat would head back to Georges Island. Thus, I took off on the cross-island trail. The route starts off in a forested area before emerging along a beach.

The island is full of poison ivy. In fact, they had closed several of the islands that day, because a small fire on one of the outer islands was burning poison ivy, making for a toxic smoke.

Old Beach Houses

Some are so old, the forest is beginning to reclaim them

Then, you walk out onto a very narrow tombolo onto another wider section. A Tombolo is a narrow strip of sand that connects two islands (or an island and the mainland) together.

From there it is a nice beach walk

The vegetation on the island consists of forests in some places, but lots of grassy sumac filled meadows, such as this one.

Near the salt marsh on the far end of the island, beautiful rose bushes mix with Atlantic white cedar and salt grasses.

Salt Marshes

On the boat back to Georges Island, there was a nice view of Boston beyond another island.

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