August 17, 2010

The Olympic Coast - Rialto Beach

So, you may have been wondering where we've been lately...Or maybe not. Anyways, with the thermometer forecasted to hit 95 in Sequim, we took a little trip to the coast to try and escape the heat.

We drove to the Mora campground near La Push where we spent 3 nights. The first afternoon after arrival, we simply went to Rialto Beach to relax and let Hilina play in the sand. The weather was delightful. It was high tide, so we just relaxed amongst the driftwood and sand.

I did do a little hike over to the mouth of the Quileute River to check out James Island

The next morning, we returned to Rialto Beach and hiked out to Hole-in-the-Wall for low tide to check out the tide pools. It was reasonably cool in the morning and we had a great time checking out the tide pools.

Hilina loves catching the sculpins and gunnels living in the kelp, touching the sea anemones, and checking out the sea stars.

But, the heat really got going by early afternoon and that 1.3 mile hike back in the direct sun was a killer. By the time we returned to the truck it was 87 degrees. We then drove to Forks so I could check email for work and get ice cream and it was at least 93 there! Bet the vampires didn't realize it could get over 90 in Forks!

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