October 14, 2009

Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Track Site, UT

One day while I was working in the trailer, Linda stopped by the Kanab Chamber of Commerce and say something indicating dinosaur tracks at a place called Moccasin Mountain. She then inquired further about it at the BLM office and found out there is a site near the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, right on the Utah-Arizona border that has some outstanding dinosaur tracks.

This site is down a 2-mile long narrow, very deep sandy road. We almost got stuck on the way out, but luckily the 4WD-Low setting got us moving again. But, wow, well worth the visit! The tracks are 185-million years old.

In fact, there are six different species present and literally hundreds or thousands of foot steps of varying sizes. It was an amazing place. Some are small enough to imagine them being the size of large birds like turkeys or even smaller birds like quail.

Others are quite large and were probably 15 foot tall carnivorous Dilophosaurus. (The three-toes give it away as a Theropod, the family that also included T-rex and Allosaurus).

One set seemed like a four legged creature with peg-legs.

This was the landscape where those trackways were found

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