October 24, 2009

More of Wahweap Wash near Big Water, UT

Today is our last day in Big Water before we head south towards Flagstaff and Sedona. We've been soaking up the scenary.

Hilina has become a real climber. Here you see Linda guiding her down the rocky slopes. She climbed all the way to the hoodoos above (probably 40 feet in elevation) all by herself. We call her "spidey"

Hilina loves rocks and we think she is probably going to be a rock climber given she seems to have absolutely no fear.

Here, the dynamics of life unfolds in the stark and desolate desert. The ground, too alkaline and dry to support much plant life, has hundreds of these rocky ant mounds. Somehow, they find a way to make a living in this landscape.

After a solo climb up some very steep rocks, this was my view down the other side into the wash behind the rocks. In fact, the slope I went up was so steep, I did not feel comfortable going back down again. I was forced to take a 1 mile detour to find a safe way back to where Linda and Hilina were.

Here is the view from the top. Linda and Hilina were hiding in the shade of the white-rocks in the middle of the photo. Since I could not get down the way I went, I had to follow the ridgeline 1 mile to an alternative descent down a sand dune.

Here, you can see Wahweap Wash has a small amount of water flowing in it from recent rains 50 miles north near Bryce Canyon NP.

Some beautiful shots of the sandstone cliffs and side canyons just a short walk down Wahweap Creek from Big Water. When we lived here, places like these were our daily evening strolls!

Can you see why we might want to return?

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