April 16, 2010

The Big Sur

We have moved onto Santa Cruz to visit with some friends. But, we spent the last 3 days in the Big Sur. We've come to a few conclusions about the area though...

1) We definitely need to come back. We simply did not have enough time to adequately explore the area.

2) We saw more poison oak than anywhere else we have ever been. We went down a trailed we called "Poison Oakville" because the trail crew had not hit it. It was covered all along the sides and overhanging and it was quite the contorsionist maneuvers to have gotten through it without contact.

This is Mount Manuel Trail climbing 3000 feet up. We'll do that next time.

So, we'll be better prepared next year in terms of timing, plans, and poison oak protection. There is so much to see in Central California.

Pfeiffer Beach

Can you see the sea otters in the cove below?

A closeup

The situation was simply we did not have enough days due to weather and timing of meeting people, plus some meetings I had. But, we'll be back to this beautiful landscape.

How would you like that Italian-style villa overlooking Point Lobos?

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