April 11, 2010

Bishop Peak near San Luis Obispo on a cloudy day

This is a quicky post while I do laundry on a windy and rainy Sunday in San Luis Obispo. The big storm arriving meant we decided to keep it simple today. We did a quick 2 mile hike to Eagle Rock at the El Chorro Regional Park, where we are camping. As I'll show in a future post, on a cloudy, drizzly, and windy day, it didn't look too different than our May trip to Northern England or our multiple trips to Ireland.

Yesterday, as the clouds built up and the temperatures dropped, we decided to stay local and do the 3 mile round trip to the summit of Bishop Peak. One of the famed "Nine Morros", this one is right in town and offers views of San Luis Obispo, California Polytechnic University (known locally as Cal Poly), and the grassy landscape around it.

The trail is very popular with the college kids and locals and many people were not dressed in traditional hiking gear. But, despite it's short distance, it is a real hike. It climbs over 1,000 feet and it quite steep and rocky in several places. In addition, you need to watch out for poison oak hanging over the trail in a few places.

The mountain is called Bishop Peak because of the three rock formations at the summit that were said to resemble a Bishop's hat (although I didn't see it). Anyways, we saw several rock climbers with ropes playing around at the summit.

The view of the campus of Cal Poly (see the letter P on the hill?)

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