April 1, 2010

Lake Cachuma near Santa Barbara

Just a quickie note, we have moved operations to Lake Cachuma County Park in Santa Barbara County, tucked between the Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains just a short ways from the city of Santa Barbara. This area looks really beautiful and has tons of hiking options.  I am really excited to see the San Rafael Wilderness, and landscape of various pine species, Big-cone Douglas firs, tons of wildflowers, and wild rivers and home to the Sisquioc Condor Sanctuary.

Last night a brief, but very cold storm rolled through. It was sunny and warm in the afternoon, rained at night, and when we awoke to sun and patchy fog, we saw a rare snow in the mountains. Apparently it only snows up there about 3-4 times per winter. It is already melting off...

The Santa Ynez Mountains rise up directly from Santa Barbara and from the crest there is a spectacular view of the coast and all of the Channel Islands. We'll be hitting the crest pretty soon, so you'll see photos of that here. We'll be here for 5 days or so until heading up to San Luis Obispo.

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