March 30, 2010

Ventura, Channel Islands, and Mangoes

Yesterday, we cruised up to Ventura to visit the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center, as well as, to do some shopping and other assorted business.

Hilina loved the visitor center with its live tide pool, life-sized Elephant seal and other species of the Channel Islands, and especially the dolphin exhibit. Linda was fascinated with the pygmy mammoth that was uncovered in the sediments living on the islands.

We gathered information about getting to, camping, and hiking on the islands. We very much want to return to do an excursion on these unique islands full of endemic species, like the island fox, Santa Cruz scrub jay, and numerous plant and animal species. But, we figure we'll have to either wait until Hilina can hike 5 miles or more on her own so we can carry all the camping gear into the backcountry or have a chance to do it on our own with Hilina staying with the grandparents.

With temperatures in the 70's, at least until today since a storm is approaching, we have been feeling the tropical theme. We bought fresh ripe mangoes and Hilina is going hog wild over them!

Tomorrow, we depart Malibu and head up towards Santa Barbara.

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Diana said...

Anacapa Island is really beautiful and only a mile long. I think Hilina would love it!