March 18, 2010

Hiking Volcan Mountain Preserve, San Diego County, CA

 Well, we are still in the mountains of eastern San Diego county enjoying upper 60's at 5000 feet while the desert below us swelters. Apparently, this was just not meant to be a wildflower year as the rains were plentiful, but late and the temperatures stayed too cool at the wrong time and then went too hot too fast.

We'll be up here for a couple more days before moving to the coastline. Yesterday we hiked on Volcan Mountain Preserve, a San Diego county park directly above Julian. It really reminded us of hiking in Italy.

It was pastoral. It was a mixture of oak woodlands, grassy prairies, and chaparral slopes. There were apple orchards and vineyards, houses, and we could see the coast in the distance. While not exactly wilderness, it is a beautiful area for sure. Enough so, we've decided to stay up here a couple more days and see the even higher Laguna Mountains to the south.

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