March 8, 2010

Canyon Sin Nombre - Anza Borrego Desert State Park

We’ve been out of communication in recent days as we’ve been dispersed camping at Anza Borrego Desert State Park outside of cell phone range. This is the largest state park in the U.S. at over 600,000 acres. We have been visiting some amazing sites, including the Canyon Sin Nombre and Carrizo Badlands, Agua Caliente hot springs where we enjoyed bathing in the 90 degree waters, and visiting the Kumeyaay pictographs and morters of the Blair Valley.

At Canyon Sin Nombre you can drive it with a 4x4, but we walked it

All along the way are little side canyons for exploring

Hilina climbing up one of these canyons

The view at the end of the canyon as things open up


Diana said...

Love your pictures and reading about your hikes, but have to disagree about the largest state park think. The Adirondack State Park in New York is the largest state park with 6 million acres.

The Hikemasters said...

Not going to disagree with you on that one! I also thought Adirondack Park, which we've been to. But, the park pamphlet said it was the biggest. Wonder if they want to classify themselves somewhat differently to make that distinction.