March 21, 2010

The Desert Chapter Ends, the Coastal Chapter Begins

Today, we left behind the desert chapter of our trip and began the Pacific Ocean chapter. With one last look at the desert below, we left the Laguna Mountains and took off for the coast. We drove I-8 west towards San Diego and then hopped on I-5 north.

We are staying at San Clemente State Beach located mid-way between San Diego and Los Angeles and right at the northern edge of Camp Pendleton.

Hilina was so very excited to finally get to the ocean and play at the beach. We'll be working our way up the coast from here on out. We'll get to the Bay Area by late April and back to Washington by mid-to-late May.

But, I must admit feeling a bit wistful about leaving the beautiful desert landscapes and vegetation behind. Especially after fighting San Diego traffic and seeing so much development along the coast.

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