March 27, 2010

OK, this is getting rediculous.... Camping at Malibu Beach

OK, I am starting to think this whole year-long adventure in the travel trailer is really getting too good to be true. Here we sit, camping at Malibu Beach RV Park with a view of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Catalina Island right out our window, with a lovely 74 degree sunny day and all for just $36 per night.

Are you serious? While doing laundry yesterday, I picked up a real estate brochure. The going price for most of the small beach front homes you see in Malibu was between $1.2 and $2.5 million dollars. BUT, they will allow you to lease them for around $20,000-$50,000 per month! So, let's break that down...

Riding bikes at Malibu Creek State Park

A $30,000 a month lease works out to about $1000 a day. Yet, here we are, sitting on the beach, with the same views, Wifi, showers, cable TV if we want it, even a jacuzzi for under $40/day. Hmmm, wonder what the better deal is?

M*A*S*H site with old prop cars.

Anyways, we took a bike ride at Malibu Creek State Park yesterday morning up to the old M*A*S*H filming site. There were stakes to show where the tents were and in the shed an exhibit with pictures and a map showing where everything was located. Along the way, we followed a beautiful riparian strip of sycamores, ash, and willows. What a great park.

We'll stay here at Malibu Beach RV Park for 3 nights and then head up the coast towards Ventura and San Luis Obispo. The ultimate plan is to arrive at Calistoga to meet friends by April 23rd. The rest will be made up along the way.

Anyways, we definitely do not take this experience for granted. We don't consider ourselves "lucky" because I believe you need to put yourself in the position for "luck" to occur. But, we certainly consider ourselves quite fortunate to be able to experience life and live it to the fullest.

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