September 11, 2010

Across Idaho (Panhandle at least) and Into Montana

Today we drove from Vantage to Missoula. When I did this drive taking the trailer back from Michigan, I somehow managed to cover 700 miles from past Butte all the way to Sequim. But, with a 2.5 year old, that kind of distance is not really possible. Nonetheless, she has proven to be very patient with us during long boring rides.

We stopped at the Wallace Chamber of Commerce in the Idaho Panhandle to eat some lunch and check out their Silver mining exhibit.

Tomorrow we are going to the Grant Kohr Ranch National Historic Site to learn about the Montana ranching history and then onto Bozeman. We'll stay in Bozeman through Monday because I have a bunch of school work, office sessions, and phone calls to make. So, Linda will take Hilina to the Museum of the Rocky Mountains to see the largest dinosaur exhibit in Montana. The museum is based at Montana State University.

From there, we'll take the 7 hour journey to either Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota or The Black Hills of South Dakota based the weather.

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