September 18, 2010

Finally at the edge of the Black Hills, South Dakota

After many hours of driving, we have finally arrived in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The weather has been very cloudy and cold. As we drove from Bozeman to Sheridan, WY yesterday, the thermometer on the truck read 38 degrees as showers dropped on us. Highs have been in the 40's the last two days.

Today, we did the segment from Sheridan, WY to Spearfish, SD where we will stay for a couple of days. Frankly, I am glad to finally get to the Black Hills. Because, as much as we love to travel, we hate long drives and rarely like to go more than 2 hours in a stint. In addition, you can only take so many hours of grass and sagebrush.

A Mule Deer Buck visiting our campground in Sheridan, WY

Reportly the weather is supposed to return to more normal temperatures with 72 the high tomorrow and upper 60's for the next week. That'll be perfect for exploring the Black Hills.

The Bighorn Mountains
I had hoped to go there, but weather conditions did not permit it this time.

We plan to do a hike in the northern part of the Black Hills tomorrow and explore Spearfish Canyon. Then, after a brief stop in Rapid City, we'll head to the central area to visit the old mainstays of the region Wind Cave NP, Jewel Cave NM, Custer State Park, and so forth.

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