September 16, 2010

Sacagewa Peak, Gallatin National Forest, Montana

There is a new post up at the Hikemaster's Trail Description Site:

Check it out for all of the details of our adventures yesterday. Hint, it includes a wild animal!

We'll be staying in Bozeman for one more day, enjoying good weather and a nice college town atmosphere. Plus, we've got to restock and do all the maintenance before hitting the road. On Friday, we'll be on our way out toward South Dakota, with a likely route through northern Wyoming. The forecast for the Black Hills is looking pretty good for the following week, so it seems like a good time to move on.

Bozeman has a lot to do in the area and we've decided that someday we'll comeback a few weeks in a future summer and just use this town as a home base for exploring the central Montana/Yellowstone region.

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