November 4, 2010

Brushy Lake State Park, near Sallisaw, Oklahoma

We have been staying at Brushy Lake State Park in Eastern Oklahoma as a home base to deal with a heavy work situation and to visit the Cherokee National Heritage Center. It is about the perfect place to set up shop for a few days, as it is in some beautiful scenery and we have this place all to ourselves. It is located in the Cookson Hills (an offshoot of the Ozarks) and is considered the most beautiful part of a state most people just think of flat prairies.
Sunrise on the lake
One reason we've been so busy is that Insight has been changing the roles and expectations of my job which has been increasing my work load. Another reason is that Linda was also hired to work online recently (at a competitor) and has been going through online training. She probably won't have any students until January though.

The lake and park is fairly small. There are some small way trails that follow each side of the lake through forests of oak and hickory. These trails just seem to be hunter/fisherman access routes and are littered with garbage and the ubiquitous soda and beer cans. But, it does offer a chance to see some nice stuff.

Checking out a marsh in a little cove of the lake

A beaver den (right) and their bank burrows (left)
There are beavers all along the shores of the lake. I saw them head out of the burrows in the image above and head off into the lake. All along the shores the trees are chiseled and cut.

A turtle swimming along

Beaver action
We'll be heading back into Arkansas pretty soon. But, it was nice to dip into Oklahoma and see what many people describe as the best area of the whole state.

Linda and Hilina on the trail along the lakeshore

Our Campsite

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