November 1, 2010

Halloween in Van Buren, Arkansas

It's Halloween and we wanted to get Hilina involved in her first trick-or-treat experience. Where we were in the boonies of the Ozarks was not conducive to such activities because there really were no neighborhoods. So, I looked up on the internet for some ideas. Needing to migrate in that direction anyways, we selected Van Buren, Arkansas, down in the Arkansas River Valley as our location for the festivities.

Downtown Van Buren
It said Halloween trick-or-treating activities would take between 6-8pm in Historic Downtown Van Buren.  So, we were off to check it out. Downtown Van Buren is a really neat area with nice brick buildings. It has a style that is different than other areas we've been and is more reminiscent of what one might "think" of the south. It is located on the banks of the Arkansas River and right on the border with Oklahoma.

Anyways, Hilina decided she wanted to be a "Park Ranger" for Halloween and lo-and-behold we happened to have her Junior Ranger gear in the trailer that we bought at Chiricahua NM in Arizona last winter.

So, basically what the city did was take a large church parking lot next to downtown and open it up to activities. Church volunteers and other people I assume were associated with the city (since it was advertised by the city) then pulled up their vehicles and handed out candy to the kids. They also had some hotdog stands, various games and activities, and inflatable play areas.

Hilina had a wonderful time saying "trick-or-treat" and getting the candy. Many people complimented her on her great costume, although a number of them thought or said "he is such a great looking fisherman". Oh well, it was a fun experience for her. With that big hat, it was difficult for them to see she was a girl.

Of course, there is the mandatory candy inspection. But, I was told by someone that recently there was a news report that the stories of razor blades and poison were actually urban legends and that there is no documented case of those things ever happening. In addition, it was at a church and clearly you could tell most of the volunteers were church-going people, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

As for the candy consumption, we told Hilina she gets only one piece per day. I sorted out the stuff that is inappropriate for her age (bubble gum, sticky taffy, hard candies, etc). But, there are still plenty of choices to last her a while.

So, what is her personal favorite? Nerds...Ah yes... a daughter that takes after her buba I guess.  :)

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