November 27, 2010

The Turning Point...Santa Rosa Island near Pensacola, Florida

We have reached the beautiful white sand beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast. It is near Thanksgiving and yet the air temperatures is 75 degrees and the water near 70 degrees. I am swimming in late fall! This seems like an appropriate place to call it a trip and begin planning for our return back west.

Sunset through the clouds on Santa Rosa Island
But, with this sparkling white sand and warm air, there is something calling us to go further. Something calling us to get to those coral reefs of the Florida Keys and the mangrove swamps of the Everglades.

Or, perhaps it is best we head back?
Maybe it is appropriate to allow for this taste of the unknown and leave us wanting more...

Hilina checking out a heron on the bayside in the morning
Perhaps it is best to leave something on the agenda to return to and not be too greedy now. For, we know that on some cold winter's day in a year or two or three, we will remember our days on the Gulf Coast and decide it is time to make that pilgrimmage again to the sun and water of Florida.

Fort Pickens Campground on Santa Rosa Island
There is much to see there, but it is a long trip if we tried. My GPS says a loop around Florida is another 1,900 miles of driving. Have we not driven enough already?

Hilina climbing the white sand dunes
Well, keep watching this blog to see which way we end up going, I have a few posts to do on our stay here, but after that who knows. Heck, we were never supposed to get this far anyways and we've been known to change our minds before!

Sabal palms and stripped sand pines from Hurricane Ivan (2004)

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