July 12, 2010

Au Sable River and Chasm, New York

On our way to the Adirondack Mountains from Lake Champlain, we followed the Au Sable River. The river is brown with tannins that come from the roots and fallen leaves of Atlantic white cypress, oaks, and other tree species of the northern hardwood ecosystem.

The river flows from Lake Placid to Lake Champlain; emptying into the lake near Keeseville, NY

One of the more spectacular sites along the way is Au Sable Chasm, a 200 foot deep gorge, carved into the ancient sandstone layers. There is a large bridge which crosses the chasm and several touristic attractions here.

Au Sable Chasm

The river cutting through another gorge

Paper Birch, Sugar Maples, Spruce and Balsam Firs along the riverside

Au Sable River near Lake Placid in the Adirondacks

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