July 19, 2010

Unplugging at Mount Rainier

You may have noticed the little hiatus that this blog has taken for the past several days from the Highlights of the Appalachians Summer Series (or maybe you didn't because you are too busy with your own lives).
Anyways, either way, the reason for this was that we took an extended weekend trip to Mount Rainier National Park and I completely unplugged from the computer, cell phones, and internet for 4 days. It was probably the first time I have gone more than 48 hours off-line since I started my only teaching job.

It was a great time to unwind, hike, and spend quality time with my family. It was great to have a campfire with my daughter, long talks with Linda, and just not think about all those gadgets and screens.

I am finally back online, so in the coming days, I'll share some of the wonderful pictures we took of this stunning landscape on these beautiful sunny days. Despite growing up in the shadow of Mount Rainier, I had forgotten how spectacular it is.

In the meantime, I'll post the next edition of the east coast series that I had previously produced and saved...

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