July 1, 2010

Pine Mountain, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Having returned to the Presidential Range, but unable to access the higher peaks, we asked for assistance for a cool hike at the White Mountain National Forest office. They recommended we hike up Pine Mountain. At 2380 feet elevation, it is a low outlier of the Presidential Range and offers spectacular views across the landscape of the White Mountains.

With the falls colors at their peak and the weather generally good, we headed up the 5 mile round trip to the top of the mountain. Hilina was 8 months old, but already crawling around and really enjoying nature.

The trail begins on an old dirt road that heads up to a church outdoor camp

The trail then branches off and heads up the rocky slopes towards the summit

As we approached the summit, the rocky slopes allowed views out of the trees and you could see the landscape of the White Mountains.

View near the summit

As were reached the actual summit, we returned into a forest of red spruce

But, there was another opening that allowed views down into the nice town of Gorham, NH below.

Here you can see how trees struggle on the rocky crevasses at higher elevations, where they are exposed to cold, wind, and dessication.

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