June 30, 2010

Presidential Range in Autumn, New Hampshire

In October 2008, we returned to New Hampshire specifically to see the famous fall colors. Most of the trip was focused on the Adirondacks, Quebec, Vermont, and New Hampshire Northwoods. But, we decided to make a return to the Presidential Range for a quick day trip.

It had been raining for the past week, so perhaps it was no surprise that Mount Washington had snow on top. What was a sunny day generally in New Hampshire turned cloudy right over the Presidential Range. Here you can really see the line where the deciduous hardwood forests transition into the evergreen conifers further up.

There was this brief break in the mountain fog to see the snow-covered summit

Despite the fog summits and cool temperature, the fall colors in the White Mountains were outstanding

We had properly timed our trip to New England to coincide with the peak fall colors, as you will see in additional posts about the region.

Here you can see the sun coming out over the region, while fog hangs on the peaks. The transition between deciduous northern hardwood forests and evergreen conifers is obvious at around the 3,500-4,000 foot elevation.

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