June 26, 2010

South Bubble Summit, Acadia National Park, Maine

On our last day in Acadia National Park, the weather turned from spectacularly clear to ominously gray. The humidity increased substantially, as well as, the winds. Thus, we decided to try and sneak in one last hike before we departed from New Hampshire.

We did the loop hike from Bubble Pond to Eagle Lake to check out an old-growth Eastern Hemlock and Northern White Cedar forest. The hike started out by climbing steeply from Bubble Pond to the top of South Bubble Summit. At the top, there was a very nice view across the landscape. But, we could tell the rain was coming, so we could not linger long.

So, we quickly headed down the other side of the ridge toward Eagle Lake. As we approached the bottom, we entered into the old-growth conifer forest.

By the time we entered that forest, it started raining quite hard, and we got soaked.

Despite being an "old-growth" stand, the trees are not nearly as large as in the Pacific Northwest. I suspect that has to do with the long cold winters in this sub-boreal forest. The rain and darkness resulted in these blurry images down there.

Here you can see some sub-boreal vegetation of lichens, mosses, and perennial woody plants tucked into the rocks.

A beautiful rock rose in bloom

A stand of birch, elm, and maple

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