June 23, 2010

Highlights of Southern Maine

In summer 2005, Linda and I headed out to the wonderful city of Boston for a DODEA Math Training. After a week in Boston, we headed north to Maine to check out the sights.

We did a wonderful hike at Camden Hills State Park located halfway between Portland and Acadia Nat'l Park. Located just above the nice port town of Camden, there is a great scenic viewpoint up on the top of the 750 foot Mount Battie.

View of the town of Camden from Mount Battie

Maine represents the transition zone between Northern Hardwood forests that dominate the mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes region and the Sub-Boreal Conifer-birch forests. At lower elevations, sugar maple and elm dominate while at higher elevations red spruce and yellow birch become much more common.

The ancient quarzite rock on the mountain still contains the glacier scouring lines of where rocks embedded into the ice scraped across the surface of the bare mountain.

The town of Camden is an idealistic coastal village of boats, lobster fishermen, and quaints shops.

Another interesting area in Southern Maine is Bradbury Mountain State Park just north of Portland.

At the top of Bradbury Mountain, there are birches, spruces, and lichens reminescent of the boreal forests further north.

Near Kennebunkport, there is the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. This coastal preserve contains forests of eastern white pine and sugar maple...

As well as coastal tidal wetlands...

The estuary and sea in the distance

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