June 25, 2010

Great Head, Acadia National Park, Maine

We camped again at Lamoine State Park and enjoyed watching the sunset. In the morning, we checked out the mussel beds along the beach during the great low tides they have on the Maine coast.

The next day, we headed back to Acadia National Park to do a hike out to the rocky coastal area known as "Great Head" which sticks way out into the Atlantic Ocean.

We were really curious to check out the tide pools to see how they compared to the Pacific coast. We planned it during low tide and saw some really interesting rock formations.

The waters of Maine are somewhat cooler than most of the eastern seaboard. But, they lack the upwelling of the Pacific coast and are not quite as cold. Thus, the tidepools were not nearly as full of life as you would see off the Washington coast.
Thus, the waters tend to be much clearer

There weren't many tide pools, except this one that clearly contained a lot of algae

Here you can see some eidars floating off shore

Another tidepool

Great Head Rocky Coast

Heading back into the woods...

And through a nice paper birch forest...

On our way back to Lamoine State Park, we stopped in beautiful Bar Harbor...also known as...Bah Hahbah

For some lobster of course...

And then it was back for one more night at Lamoine State Park

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