June 24, 2010

Cadillac Mtn., Acadia National Park, Maine

When we arrived at Acadia National Park, we were told at the visitor center that the weather and views were extraordinary. That the distance we could see and the clarity of the air was only like that maybe 2-3 times per year. The temperatures were moderate and humidity low. So, we considered ourselves lucky.

We camped at Lamoine State Park, just across the straight from Mount Desert Island, which contains Acadia National Park. On our first day, we decided to hike up to the summit of 1,580 foot Cadillac Mountain from the bottom, rather than just drive up like everyone else.

The trail to the top of Cadillac Mountain begins at Bubble Pond

As you climb, views of Penobscot Mountain across the valley become visible

The trail was certainly steep and in some places quite rocky...

As we emerged from the white pine forest, spectacular views of Eagle Lake and the Maine landscape opened up. You can see Northern White Cedar on the slopes.

Eagle Lake

Near the crest of Cadillac Mountain, the ancient quartzite lays bare, stripped of soil by the ice age glaciers. This opens up spectacular views of the islands off shore, also carved by the glaciers.

At the top, there is not obvious trail, but rather rocky cairns showing the way.

Nearing the summit...

We made it to the summit. This picture was taken by a visitor who had driven to the top.

Here you can see the glacier-carved islands of the Maine coast as we flew into Boston

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Anonymous said...

Wow those are great pictures, looks like you guys had a great time. I have vacationed in Acadia before and I would agree it is by far one of the most beautiful places in the U.S.

The views are awe inspiring, the area as a whole is nothing short of AMAZING!