June 19, 2010

Time to Head Home

With rain and snow the norm in the Northern Rockies and having been on the road for a month, camping and rarely taking showers, and eating from a propane stove out of the back of the CRV, we decided that now was a good time to start heading back to Sequim.

From Glacier National Park, we headed over to Flathead Lake to camp for the night

From there, we drove up into the northwestern-most corner of Montana, through Libby and into the upper Idaho panhandle. We decided to go see the little known northeastern corner of Washington called Metalline Falls in the Selkirk range. It is so remote, that the only way for us to get there was to go up into Canada and then cross the border again in Washington.

From Metalline Falls, we drove down to Spokane, where we walked around town. It was the first time either of us had ever really spent any time in the city. We checked out Spokane Falls Park and the downtown core.

Spokane Falls

Downtown Waterfront Park

Then, it was off to Moses Lake to camp for our last night on the road. It was 90 degrees in the Eastern Washington desert. But, a nice place on the water to camp.

Wetland in the Moses Lake Potholes Area

The Columbia Basin Flood Basalts in the Channeled Scablands

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