June 22, 2010

Highlights of New England

With my first summer series "30 Days in the Rocky Mountains" complete, I have decided to start a new series to help get through the summer before we hit the road again in September.

This series will be titled "Highlights of New England" and will focus on three trips to the Appalachians and New England starting in summer 2005 and the last in summer 2009 and including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Masschusetts, Rhode Island, the Adirondacks, and Quebec.

When we would visit visitor centers and gift shops on these trips, we'd see books highlighing the famous Appalachian Trail. Funny thing is that it seemed we'd been to almost all of the places in the pictures. We've hiked a number of sections of the AP, but through research and planning, we just naturally found ourselves at many of the top spots, without having to hike some of the more boring or tedious sections.

This series will start up north and work it's way south, with the trips sometimes out of order to make geographic sense. We'll start in Maine for the first several posts.

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