July 19, 2010

Historic Massachusetts and Rhode Island

After looping around Massaschusetts, I stayed overnight in Providence, Rhode Island. There I visited the Roger Williams National Memorial, the Old Town District with buildings from the 1600's, Brown University, and the State Capitol Building.

Old Town Providence

Then it was off to New Bedford, MA to visit the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Site.

An old-time whaling ship

The beautiful murals painted to show the different places the whalers went on their adventures.
New Bedford was the scene for Herman Melville's Moby Dick. It was based on Herman's experiences in the town when we was a whaler there.

Old Town New Bedford

Some of the products produced with Sperm Whale ambergris

"The" Plymouth Rock

Recreation of the Pilgrims village at Plymouth, MA

A recreation of a Wampanoag home. They were the original residents of the area before the Pilgrims arrived.

Recreation of the Mayflower

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